Stars N Stripes Pixie Bobs and Ocicats
Where the cats look wild but the personality is mild

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StarsNStripes Is NO LONGER breeding PixieBobs.  We will still proceed with our Ocicats.  

We are a small in home cattery in Wisconsin that breeds quality Pixie Bobs and Ocicats.  All of our kittens are raised underfoot, with children, dogs and other cats. At Stars N Stripes we strive to breed the wildest looking cat, with the temperament of your next companion. We DO NOT dock our cats tails.  They are born with everything from no tail to a full length tail and everything in between.   
   All of our cats are registered with The International Cat Association. (TICA)  we are on the legislative committee and is the Pixie Bob breed Co-Chair. We take pride in showing our cats in TICA. We show to be able to keep up with what the judges are looking for in our breeds.We have taken a few of our cats to a regional win.  RW SGC Specialagent PT Paws, RW SGC StarsNStripes RocMe,RW SGC Stars N Stripes RocOn and SGC StarsNStripes Unknown Soldier. 
   We sell kittens as pets, breeders or show cats. Occasionally we have a retired king or queen looking for a new home.  
 Stars N Stripes Pixiebobs is also actively working with PuRRs rescue.  We take in Purebred cats to rehome.   
   Our cats come with a health guarantee,spay or neuter and all up to date vaccinations and free of parasites.
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