Stars N Stripes Pixie Bobs and Ocicats
Where the cats look wild but the personality is mild
Pixie Bobs
   Originating in the Northwestern United States, the loyal Pixiebob is muscular, brawny cat bred to resemble the wild Coastal Red Bobcat found in the coastal mountains of the area. It is the only breed that accepts polydactyls (cats with extra toes) and comes in two coat lengths. These intelligent cats replicate the look of the wild bobcat but have the loving personality of the domestic cat. Often called dogs in disguise, the affectionate Pixiebob is devoted to its family and can be taught to walk on a leash to participate in family outings. These sturdy cats have the presence and stature of the bobcat with the personality of the domestic cat.(TICA) 
   Pixie Bobs are a domestic cat, that is bred to resemble the North West Bobcat.  There is NO wild blood in the Pixie Bob. 
   Like the wild bobcat they are bred to resemble, some Pixiebobs have lynx tips on their ears. Their facial hair grows downward giving them the appearance of a man's muttonchop sideburns. The ideal Pixiebob is a brown spotted tabby ranging in shade from tawny to a reddish brown. The spots are small and are muted by heavy ticking-the ticking is heavier in the winter months and may be more silvery in tone as well. Their eye color can be golden brown or gooseberry green.(TICA)

Sarge is going to live with Wanda in WA state
SGC StarsNStripes Unknown Soldier. (Sarge) He is our main stud.  He is a 4 paw polydactal.  He has the wild look but the sweetest personality.
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